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A lot of girls always costs us to find jeans that fit us perfectly, I particularly always struggle with finding long-lasting jeans that don't stretch and that I can use it for many days (months and years). True comfort is once you slip into a pair and you feel happy, you don't need anything else.

Tips for using these jeans: 

1) You can combine it with whatever, sweater, top, shirt, blouse.

2) Take care of your jeans, if you spend more than 100 dollars for a pair, take care of those jeans is your job, nothing better than having some jeans that will last for long, long, long.

3)When you go to buy it, go with a friend, your mom, your sister, whoever that helps you to see which you look better, don't choose a jeans that is not your size, be honest with yourself and your body.

4)Think about it, and ask yourself these questions, Do I have something in my closet to combine? yes? okeeeeeeeey I'll take them.

5)And last but not least, make a promise that you're going to use it as often as possible and in the best way and now.. go for it girl!

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